Debunking some Watchmaking Myths

Debunking some Watchmaking Myths

Their audience is clearly young and digital. In fact, if you are not digital or if you do not have a Smartwatch linked to a terminal, its performance falls sharply. Having one of these devices without being of the digital generation is like having a rifle without bullets, impressive but of little use.

And the fact is that the features are its advantage. Accelerometers, GPS, Messaging, Internet, Calories, Sleep meter, Calls, Photos,…

The boom has been so great that some traditional who sells the best replica watches such as TAG Heuer, Montblanc or Hublot have taken the leap into this field.

As for the future of analog watchmaking, the Smartwatch is surely hurting the lower and middle ranges of watchmaking, while the medium-high and high ranges remain stable and growing in some cases.

In recent years we have seen how the sales of Swiss watches in the lower and lower-middle ranges are declining in favour of this type of product. Something similar to what happened in another sector such as wine, which saw its average volume consumption drop significantly in favour of higher quality consumption.
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Let’s not forget one thing: no matter how good a smartwatch is, it has a limited lifespan and its destiny and expiry date is written from the moment it is born. A good watch will continue to occupy a space that a smartwatch cannot reach, especially in terms of status, durability and value.

It is believed that some of life’s great pleasures are meant for the elderly and this is not entirely correct. It is true that it is usually older people who have more money to enjoy these pleasures. However, in the last half-century we have seen an exponential increase in the number of young people with large fortunes, probably favoured by the growth of digital businesses best fake rolex, the rise of professional sports and the long list of millionaire singers, actors or simply millionaire influencers under the age of 40.
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I distinctly remember the first time in my life I saw a Ferrari and the shock of seeing a man who could be my grandfather getting out of it like a ninja with lumbago. I was expecting to see Magnum with his moustache sticking out or some young playboy behind the wheel, but no. And it was my father who told me to get out of the car. And it was my father who told me “young people don’t have the money for a car like that”, this has changed completely.

Today it is the youngsters who are the first to capture this luxury through their favourite singers and football players. Instagram and social media have become the perfect highway for luxury watches to travel at full speed. Watchmaking has reached young people. Probably in an overly banal way and only in the form of a “brand” not a product, but it has arrived. Don’t ask a young person about the characteristics of an automatic mechanism, but they will certainly ask for a Rolex, a Patek Philippe or an Audemars Piguet without batting an eyelid.

Is the future of watchmaking in smartwatches?
Millions of smartwatches are sold every year, in fact, we have already exceeded 100 million a year. Brands such as Apple, Samsung and Fitbit lead this highly fragmented category. This market includes everything from well-known manufacturers to an amalgam of unknown brands and cheap products sold on platforms such as Aliexpress.
The Smartwatch is a product with certain special characteristics that has its public and its use.

They are not purely watches as they not only tell the time, but they also need some continuous maintenance as a Tamagochi because if you don’t feed it, charge it with electricity, it dies. There are no automatic replica watches for sale, they all depend on the battery. It is true that some of them have opted for solar technology, a good decision.

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