Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

We have the capability to provide exceptional custom solutions for the storage of goods that may not fit into standard rack designs because of their unique dimensions.

In collaboration with the user, we design the most suitable, custom-tailored solution for their specific goods.

Tire storage racks

Effective tire storage involves optimizing and fully utilizing your storage space. Vertical storage using tire racks is the ideal solution for the storage of both summer and winter tires. The support system prevents tire deformation over time, preventing tire deterioration. These tire storage systems are suitable for not only smaller garages but also for large tire sales or storage centres.

  • Easy, quick installation
  • Adaptable field modification and adjustable heights to suit your requirements
  • Two-sided tire entry
  • Galvanized materials ensure the long-term durability of tire storage racks

FormDal cheese ripening racks

FormDal represents the latest generation of modular, galvanized racks, offering significant flexibility in product transport, installation, and implementation.
The supports, positioned axially on the columns, facilitate achieving a centrally balanced load on the column’s vertical axis, ensuring a more even distribution of the load across the entire structure.

Ventilation nozzles, integrated into FormDal columns, are constructed from food-grade plastic, making them suitable for food storage. They are strategically placed on each level to ensure consistent airflow, maintaining controlled temperature and humidity levels throughout the warehouse.
The utilization of tubular profiles for vertical stiffening allows for a reduction in rack size, thus creating more space for the central corridor.
Incorporating galvanized steel into the production process with low energy consumption imparts the product with attributes such as durability, hygiene, and enhanced environmental sustainability.

Garment hanging racks

Garment racks offer a solution to the demands of the fashion industry, allowing for the swift and efficient movement of products while preserving their essential characteristics.

This solution provides the flexibility to configure garment hanging racks in the conventional manner or with the use of a specialized trolley system on the rails.
Conventional hanging garment storage involves passageways on the racks, where operators move between vertical pickers or on elevated pathways to carry out order fulfillment or stock replenishment.

Conversely, the trolley system incorporates dedicated rails to transport hanging garments.
This system is typically employed for both manual and automatic operations, with motorized movement when required.

Floor warehouses

Floor racking systems offer an excellent solution for expanding your usable space by utilizing multiple levels as functional work areas.

Aisles, staircases, guardrails, and doorways are strategically arranged to facilitate the movement of operators and goods, ensuring strict safety standards are met.
Furthermore, inter-floor racks can serve as the supporting base on which the multi-level rack is constructed.

Dalmine LS’s columns and beams are engineered to uphold substantial capacities while accommodating the integration of various technological systems.

The choice of flooring material, on the other hand, can vary depending on the method of handling, including options such as metal grids, wood, corrugated panels, and more.

The ability to customize the structure based on the customer’s logistical requirements renders floor racks an exceptionally versatile solution.

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