Lager Win d.o.o. offers the “security inspection of racking systems” service, resulting in the issuance of a certification that includes education on the correct utilization of storage systems in accordance with the HRN EN 15635 standard, along with an easily understandable document with a thorough report on all malfunctions and damage, and valuable advice and concrete offers on the elimination of all deficiencies.

We take great pride in introducing our comprehensive “control of storage systems” service, which is poised to enhance your exacting business standards. This service encompasses the following components:

Allow us to be your top business partner in matters of safety within rack warehouses, as we are eager to share our wealth of knowledge and experience with you.

Minimize business disruptions and enhance profitability through our expert tips and knowledge.


  • visual and measurement inspection of the storage system according to the standard HRN EN 15635
  • verification of the correctness of load-bearing column installation using a measuring instrument
  • inspection of forklift compatibility with the storage system
  • verification of General Warehouse Safety Regulations
  • marking, recording, and documentation of any imperfections
  • plaque placement
  • training for staff on the CHECKER RACKING SYSTEMS
  • issuance of forms for designating responsible individuals
  • issuance of forms – CHECK LIST
  • issuance of a CHECKER training certification
  • issuance of a control certificate and CONTROL PROTOCOL
  • issuance of a certificate for the correct and safe use of the racking system
  • training of the designated individual on the conducted inspection
  • consultation and providing solutions to rectify the deficiency
  • 12 months of complimentary consultation on fundamental guidelines for using storage systems

How is storage systems inspected?

Storage system inspections can be conducted on-site during regular working hours without disrupting your production or work processes in fully operational rack warehouses that are typically loaded with goods.

During the inspection, any identifiable deformations, damages, and defects are noted, and these observations are documented as an integral part of the report on the conducted inspection.

Is it possible to inspect the racking system independently of the manufacturer?

Certainly, the inspection is carried out independently of the racking system manufacturer.

Lager Win d.o.o. serves as an autonomous partner for all your inquiries regarding storage systems. With us, you can realize cost savings when you have storage systems from various manufacturers.

We are always available to provide advice on storage systems, their protection, or repair.

Which storage systems undergo inspection??

Shelving systems

Pallet racking systems

Cantilever racking systems

Drive in racking systems

Transient storage systems

Gravity (flow) storage systems

Who conducts inspections of the storage systems?

or carrying out the inspection, a high level of professional competence is required. Inspections of storage systems are conducted by a “certified storage systems controller” or another authorized individual possessing the necessary knowledge and authority to perform inspections in accordance with HRN EN 15635. Following the inspection, this individual is obligated to issue a certificate-protocol for the conducted inspection in compliance with the standard.

How to request a control quote?

You can easily submit a control request to:

Alternatively, you can complete our inquiry form under the “Contact” section.

When submitting an inquiry, we kindly request that you provide us with the following details to enable us to offer you the most favorable solution:

  • information on the type of the racking system (e.g. pallet or shelving),
  • their age,
  • height of the support pillars,
  • number of support pillars,
  • type of goods you store (pallets, barrels, ADR, etc.)
  • any special regulations or equipment that must be employed when accessing your warehouse.

Photos, sketches, blueprints, or any other information about the racking system would be greatly appreciated and helpful.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

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