Shelving systems

Shelving systems

Packages, boxes, crates, hanging garments, individual pieces, and various products all serve as loading units for manual picking activities.

Our solutions are designed to enhance your everyday operations. Dalmine LS manual picking systems come equipped with a diverse array of accessories, enabling you to tailor your storage solution to precisely match your requirements.

Among the assortment of available accessories, you’ll find options like partitions, drawers, and various types of dividers.

Thanks to their flexibility, these lightweight manual picking systems can seamlessly integrate with advanced commission systems, such as pick-to-light, and various storage solutions. Additionally, they can be effortlessly incorporated into stock monitoring and management systems that utilize barcode and RFID technology.

Dalmine LS’s commission systems, which can reach heights of several meters, are distinguished by their remarkable flexibility. The structure’s height, capacity, and configuration are custom-tailored to meet each customer’s specific material handling requirements.

Hobby racks

The galvanized hobby/home programme LEO features rack units with shelves designed for small load storage, ideal for both domestic and professional applications.

Innovatively designed rack columns guarantee exceptional product rigidity, capable of supporting up to 60 kg per shelf. Plus, they can be effortlessly assembled in a matter of minutes!

Dimensions: 1800x1000x400 mm


We provide appointment-based delivery and the option for rack installation as well!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’ll work together to find the optimal warehouse solution at the most competitive prices!


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