Drive in racking systems

Drive in racking systems

Drive-in racking systems are perfect for storing homogeneous products using the accumulation principle. They maximize the utilization of available space, both in terms of surface area and height. This system enables the storage of multiple pallets of the same product within one or more drive-in tunnels.
The drive in racking system is frequently employed in refrigerated chambers where there is a need for optimal utilization of storage space while maintaining a controlled ambient temperature.


• Maximizing space utilization
• Suitable for the storage of numerous pallets with identical product types
• Eliminating the aisle between the racks.
• Utilizing automated guidance systems like AGV (Auto Guided Vehicle) or LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) forklifts
• Primarily employed for the storage of seasonal merchandise

Drive-in racking systems can be set up in LiFo mode, where commissioning occurs from one side only, or FiFo (also known as drive-through) mode, where commissioning takes place from both sides.


Our company, Lager Win, stands as the primary representative and distributor of DALMINE LOGISTIC SOLUTION, one of the leading manufacturers of racking systems with over 70 years of experience in this industry.

DALMINE is at the forefront of market evolution, distinguishing itself as a pioneering force in the field of warehousing and handling solutions. Its unwavering dedication to innovation has firmly established it as a leader, offering a wide array of comprehensive warehousing and order picking solutions that can effectively handle units of various sizes and weights.


Alongside our advanced racking systems, we take pride in being the foremost supplier and distributor of the used racking systems programme.

We provide an extensive selection of used racking systems from different manufacturers, spanning various load-bearing capacities and dimensions. For each system, we furnish the corresponding load-bearing capacity charts and certifications, all compliant with the HRN EN 15635 standard.

The racking systems are in superb condition, and we maintain substantial quantities in our warehouses located in Croatia and Italy. Our racking systems are prepared for prompt delivery.

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